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Thanks for clicking on the site - hope you enjoy it. I endeavor to list favored authors in my links, and if you are a hopeful writer, go to BlogMe and discuss your feelings. I am currently tapping away at the keys towards my 5th novel-all of which can be seen under the Novels button above. If you have any trouble cruising thru the site, please let me know so I can repair the damage. 

A little background information may be found here my history or by clicking the above button HISTORY, and it's been quite a ride, (will more than likely write about it someday). All the commercial stuff is under the Novel button, and stuff which has nothing to do with my profession, like living in Spain, touring Americans, and general info on the country can be found here;  

When you click anywhere on the site things should work and although itīs very young, it's constantly being changed. The other site-mentioned above-I used for over 5 years, and  you're welcome to piddle through it if you want. It basically tells about my touring service I provide to Americans in Spain.

Remember: Time outlives everything, so why race with it? Public Emails Private Emails

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